Pitch’s for both assignments.

Assignment 1
Social media is a massive part of today’s modern culture. The angle for my article will be about the popularisation of social media including how it has changed our lives. Focusing on the positives and negatives of social networking.
I have managed to get a few social networking users to answer a series of questions about how they feel about social media. Using their information will give my article multiple opinions making it a lot more versatile.
I will gather statistics to show how social media has grown over the past 10 years. These facts will need to be from a reliable source in order for it to be believable.

Assignment 2
My list article will be about the do’s and don’ts of living in university halls. It will include 5 do’s and 5 don’ts all which have come from my experience of living in halls. I will also interview a few of my neighbours to give their view on living in halls.
The 10 photographs will need to relate well to the 10 tips as it will make it easier for the reader to understand. All images will be photographed around my accommodation.
The article itself will display all images in a slideshow which can be integrated in the article using WordPress. This layout will be better as a caption can be written under each image to describe the ‘do’s and don’ts’.


About Hannah Sophie

Graduate of Photographic Journalism from Leeds Beckett University.

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